The StikNtheMudTM is lightweight, easy to use, and it's
height adjustable.  Yes, the key word here is
adjustable.  It actually provides height adjustment,
allowing use on ground surfaces to thigh-deep water.  
The base adjusts
vertically from 12" to 42", and the
barrel holder telescopes, providing the Stik the ability to
adapt to a variety of hunting environments.

The StikNtheMudTM is an affordable addition to your
hunting gear, as it is universal in nature.  It allows you to
be mobile in your hunts, by always providing a safe place
to set your gun.  It's also a great tool for the youth hunter,
instilling safe gun handling by keeping the gun barrel in
an easily retrievable, upright position.  
StikNtheMudTM  , The Sportsman's Gun Holder
shown in the shallows

Product Patented
From Craig Foster, The Flyway Highway Television Program:
"Just wanted to let you know that Harold and I have been using your             
StikNtheMud all season while filming episodes of the Flyway Highway and   
are totally impressed!   Your product is ideal as a safe, convenient alternative
to leaning your shotgun up against a tree or bush.   I recommend that all
waterfowl hunters have a StikNtheMud.   The safety  issue alone is enough to
justify owning one.   The StikNtheMud is simple to  use and well made.   I also
like the carry case with strap.  The bottom line is we don't go on a hunt
without our StikNtheMuds."